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Admission Policy


Grandesco College is committed to enrolling students who meet all of our program admission criteria and who are likely to succeed in meeting their education and career goals.


  1. The College Administrator meets with the prospective student to discuss the program of interest. If the student is undecided about a program of study, the College Administrator gives the prospective student information about a number of programs so that the student can make a decision.

  2. Once the student has completed the instructor’s interview, the College Administrator reviews the admission criteria for the program with the student to ensure that he/she meets all of the criteria.

  3. The Senior Education Administrator meets with the prospective student to discuss his/her educational goals and commitment to completing the program of study. Financial arrangements for payment of tuition and other fees are also discussed.

  4. The College Administrator obtains evidence (e.g. transcript, proof of age, etc.) from the student that he/she meets all of the program’s admission criteria and places the evidence in the student file. The admission criteria cannot be waived by either the school or the applicant.

  5. After receiving evidence that the prospective student meets all of the admission criteria, the College Administrator prepare a Student Enrolment Contract and meets with the prospective student to review the policies that will affect the student during his/her completion of the program of study and to review the contract. If, after understanding their rights and responsibilities, and the prospective student agree on a financial arrangement, they sign the contract and the Administrator delivers a copy of the signed contract, along with a copy of all student policies to the student.